How to make your home feel luxurious

It may be a no brainer that the trained eye can spot a quality product over it’s cheaper counterparts every time. Often to get that luxurious look in home décor, furniture and bedding you must look to quality suppliers and retailers. 

At Unique we strive to give every home a luxurious look – we evolve with the trends, whilst trying to buy classic, neutral quality pieces that will fit timelessly into a range of properties. Here are our 3 tips for buying quality;

  1. Good quality bedding and soft furnishings – Feather filled cushions, feather down quilt inserts paired with linen bedding and oversize throw blankets layered with the top sheet can give a simple bed a luxurious look and feel every time.
  2. Use Leather – whether used sparingly with trays or ottomons, or whether you like larger leather lounge suits, leather is a sure way to give your home texture and a luxurious feel. Leather in tan and cream can be easily mixed and matched with a range of different coloured timbers and rattan. Personally I’m a fan of mixing black timber with tan leather, and cream with rattan and oak timbers.  
  3. Real plants – Investing in some living greenery for your home will inspire you! Make sure to look after them and they will reward you with a glossy, green vibrance to liven up your space. Install some shelving, and create pockets of green space. My fav indoor plant is the zazibar Gem.

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