Is It Better To Sell A House Empty Or Staged?

The answer to the question of whether it is better to Stage or not Stage a house is not even a close race. Staging is a clear winner.

Every statistic available including from the time on market; to the price achieved for the sale price to the level of emotional connection that makes a property successfully settle – all say the same thing – Stage your property for a better Sale.

The USA has a larger and more mature Residential real-estate market than Australia and we follow many of their leads. Last year (2021) the National Association of Realtors (Australian equivalent of the REIQ) did a Nationwide Survey and spoke to those on the front line – the Agents themselves as to the impact of Staging (see graph). The numbers are huge as to the strong impact of Staging
Staging when completed as a part of the entire Sales process improves prices and decreases time on market – we know because we see it every week in Cairns with Street and Complex records broken and early strong offers.

Unique Property Sales and Staging is the ONLY and PREMIERE combined agency that offers this EXCLUSIVE outcome and ONLY to our clients.

If your Agent is simply opening the DOOR, then ask for MORE, and THINK UNIQUE.

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