The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard about staging

As a real estate agent I’ve tested and tried many strategies to obtain the best result for my vendors. 

The absolute, hands down, most profitable thing I have done for my sellers is create an entire staging company from the ground up… for pure benefit of my sellers. Sourcing and stocking the latest in furniture and on trend furnishings I have taken the stress out of the sellers being alone when it comes to the presentation of their biggest asset.

Now this is no easy feat, it costs me approximately $50,000 to stock a 4 bed, lounge + media, 2 bathroom home. It takes a great passion to own a warehouse full of amazing stock you don’t even want your own children (and husband) on incase they ‘ruin it’, but would happily put it in your vendors home to ensure every buyer falls in love with their property, and ultimately pays the highest price. 

Over the years it has kept me broke, and nearly broken me. But what gets me up in the morning is the consistent street and complex records we smash time and time again with both ecstatic sellers and happy buyers who often have found themselves in a multiple offer situation. 

If your agent has invested this much in you, would you really ever trust an agent that said “A good agent shouldn’t have to rely on staging” Quote, unquote 😊 they are out there, with their flash cars and beach houses and say whatever it takes to get a listing but never reinvest in you the client!

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