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Is It Better To Sell A House Empty Or Staged?
The answer to the question of whether it is better to Stage or not Stage a house is not even a close race. Staging is a clear winner. Every statistic available including from the time on market; to the price achieved for the sale price to the level of emotional connection that makes a property successfully settle – all say the same thing – Stage your property for a better Sale.
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Cairns Property and Interest Rates
The RBA lifted rates yesterday meaning a full 1% rise to borrowers over the past month. This move back to normal interest rate levels as against Emergency Setting is good as it means we are coming out of the worst effects of the Pandemic and moving towards shaping a New Normal. The Question as to what happens with house prices in Cairns has been posed to me over and over.
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How to make your home feel luxurious
It may be a no brainer that the trained eye can spot a quality product over it’s cheaper counterparts every time. Often to get that luxurious look in home décor, furniture and bedding you must look to quality suppliers and retailers. 
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